Minor painful sensations occurring rarely, but regularly; Feeling of heaviness in the prostate, lumbosacral area, in the genital area; In some cases, dysuric disorders join: increased urge to urinate, cramps during emptying of the bladder, etc.; Possible deterioration of psycho-emotional well-being, depressive moods against the background of which sexual failures occur.

The fact is that such treatment will be effective only if the patient is diagnosed with congestive prostatitis, that is, the likelihood of infection is excluded. This can only be verified after a qualitative diagnosis with the study of the secretion of the prostate gland, scraping of the urethral epithelium (infectious prostatitis is diagnosed in 10-15% of cases).


How it works

Chronic congestive prostatitis is most often treated by doctors with rectal massage. The point of its implementation is to improve blood microcirculation, normalize metabolic processes, and eliminate stagnation. However, this technique often causes not only physical but also psychological discomfort in patients. Therefore, men deliberately postpone the trip to the doctor and aggravate the course of the disease.

Treatment of chronic prostatitis is a long process and requires an integrated approach. Next, a methodology for getting rid of this disease will be presented. You should not implement it in practice on your own, without medical advice.

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